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Wondering Who is the Total Winner of the TDM 3.0 BETA Contest...


Hello all Beta testers,

With the release of the first commercial version of TDM3, v., it’s time to close the contest of the first Beta testing period and announce the total winner.

Since the first Beta release, our community has been slowly growing. Each support for new databases (Oracle first, then SQL Server, PostgreSQL…) has brought new Beta testers to this place (and we hope this process will continue as support for DB2 UDB db is being prepared at the moment…)
Anyway, CASE Studio 2 users, TDM 2 users, new users… ( Now I hope I can call you all TDM3 users… :wink: ), thank you all for your interest in our product! We hope you like it and enjoy using it. We also hope you find our community helpful and responsive.

A bigger “Thank you!” goes to all who posted any contributions in our forum - reported bugs, sent suggestions, recommendations, raised good questions and also gave advice to others.
Doing this, you were given some extra points from our team and took part in our Beta contest.

Who is the Winner?

Well, your extra points were counted and now it’s time to announce the most active contributor of the first Beta testing period (for official TDM 3.0 release).

The winner is Chi who was awarded 400 points.

Chi, congratulations! You’ve just won iPod NANO.

You are the Winner Next Time…

The BETA contest continues. Contest for next official release of TDM 3 has just started out.
For each major Beta release, you can win 25 USD Amazon Gift certificate, and as a total winner you will be awarded iPod Nano. Hope it sounds attractive for you… :wink:

The Beta contest for version 3.0 was terminated by 30 September. Another Beta contest began on 1 October in fact, and since then the extra points given have been counted from scratch. (So, do not worry, the extra points you got since 1 Oct till now are not lost!)

Thank you all for your time and support!

We look forward to hearing from you again!

Have a great day.

Vladka & TDM Team