Workbook Publishing Error

My end user can't publish their workbook. The error they get is "Error: The owner name 'ronquillo.christina' should be as same as the login user 'ronquillo.christ'. I have a domain name with lastname.firstname and have no problem publishing. In fact several of us routinely publish workbooks. When I look at how she is registered in TIC her name is in fact 'ronquillo.christ'. But that is not her true domain name. This shop only allows registration by Domain Name. How do I solve this issue?

Assuming the TIC user was created via LDAP... any way to change the LDAP side to sync the login user and domain name?

I'll check into this on this end.

I looked into this and it doesn't seem to be on our side. The username column in TIC is only 16 characters long and seems to be truncating the names. Is there a manual fix for this? Can I safely edit the table to enlarge the username column?

Don't like the sound of that limitation... let me bump this up to R&D...

Hi everyone, we use a MySQL database to support Toad Intelligence Central and the 16 character limit on database logins is a MySQL limitation:

MySQL user names are up to 16 characters long. Operating system user names may have a different maximum length. The MySQL user name length limit is hardcoded in MySQL servers and clients, and trying to circumvent it by modifying the definitions of the tables in the mysql database does not work.

Woud your internal IT department be able set up a shorter username that you can use to connect to TIC?

I will forward this information and see how many people this affects. The one that was affected I asked to have another team member do the publishing.

FYI, here is a link that gives more details regarding Julie's post on the username length limitation:
MySQL :: MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual :: 6.2.1 Account User Names and Passwords.

Thanks for the more detailed reference. I'll pass it along to those who will have to deal with this.