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Working with comments



I’ve found that working with comments, specially when you have large comments on tables or columns can be rather awkward, so I’ve got a couple of enhancement requests.

First of all, when editing a table you have a Comments, it would be nice if you were able to have a wrap text option for this area, because large paragraphs are hard to read as it is.

Second, when editing the Columns also from the table editor, double clicking the comments area should bring a pop out window similar to the cell editor when modifying table data to make it easier to write large descriptions.

Hope you take these two into account,



Hi Rony,

We will raise a CR as per your request. Our team will get back to you sometimes next week with an update.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks, working with very large comments gets very annoying as the way they are handled right now.


Hi Rony,

Just a quick note to let you know that we have added this to for next release 6.4.
The changes will be in the next drop of Beta build.

Attached is the Popup window where you can input long comment which can be accessed by clicking the ‘…’ button (or F2 then Ctrl+Enter shortcut key). Please note that we would like to have the column commment window won’t accept ‘Return’ for multi lines, and we have wordwrap option turned ON. It would make it easier for us to manage/support backward compatable, in the Table edtitor grid, the comment will still be displayed as one long text in the grid as we currently.

Hope that it would meet your requirement.

Thanks and regards,