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Workload Simulation for Sharepoint



Does anyone know of any “standard” workloads used to benchmark a Sharepoint site? I realize it would have multiple components in both SQL server and IIS to arrive at a useful result, but currently I have not been able to find anything that even approaches the problem.

Thanks for your thoughts.



Hi John,

I have not heard of any benchmarking tool for Sharepoint. Sorry.



there are a couple of things you can do on this actutally, if your run a TPC-C and a TPC-H at the same time against your SQL server, that would come pretty close to sharepoint traffic. But here is a starting point on Microsoft’s way of doing it, but be pacient with it, it’s kind of cludgy


We have a ton of Sharepoint management products here at Quest. I would give these a look…

We of course have plenty of SQL Server specific tools, but if you want to do a load test on the database portion for Sharepoint, you might want to do a profiler run and capture the sql/tsql workload and try replaying that in Benchmark Factory.