Worksheets: Restore window layout

On reopening existing worksheets after a restart, the previous window layout should be restored, i.e. detached windows containing the worksheets should reappear, instead of all worksheets being grouped in the main window.

This idea was posted following experience with Toad Edge 2.0.2.

Following upgrades to 2.0.6 and 2.0.7 we have lost the ability to detach worksheets from the main window and drag them to other displays. Is this intentional or a bug? Is there some setting or preference that we are missing?

If it is intentional, then why has this feature been removed? It is a huge backward step as this ability is essential in the modern development environment.

Hi, right now we are updating code to newer version of platform, as this process was not finished yet this feature is not working now, we will fix it ASAP and let you know.
Miroslav Stanik

Now on 2.0.9. This feature is still missing. Is there an ETA for when it will be restored?

The ability to move tabs and windows between multiple displays is an expected feature of modern development tools and its existence was one of the reasons that Toad Edge was successful in our procurement process. We do not expect features to be removed without notice.