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Workspace enhancements


I would like to suggest some enhancements to the Workspaces to improve usability :

  • Be able to drag and drop an object from a Workspace into an editor
  • Be able to multi-select code in a Workspace and send to CodeXpert
  • Offer the same right-click list in a Workspace as Database Navigator window



Hi John,
Thank you very much for your feedback. Very good ideas indeed.
SQL Nav Dev team will raise a CR on your behalf. SQL Nav team will try to get these in for you in one of future builds. You have scored one post already, the more good ideas/feedback you send in, the more chance you would have to win an iPod Nano . You can track the status of all bugs/enhancements, when the list of all CRs (posted by our Beta users) will be published on the Community, we hope to get it ready sometimes next week.

Thanks and Regards,


Sorry John, but the draw excludes Quest employees… . Should have checked your profile first .

We will send you a few oz beer drinks instead, which you can share with us watching the World cup.


Hi John,
Just a quick note, in the up coming release 5.5, the workspace functionalities have been extended and it has been renamed to Project Manager. The Project Manager (aka Workspace) is already included in the Beta2 build 685. More enhancements for Project Manager will be added in the next Beta build to provide you an option to restore/reopen all active windows of the previously shutdown Nav session when you start up Nav again. Watch this space for more exciting enhancements the workflow in SQL Navigator.