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write operation appears a sand clock , unit order in the outline windows


Hello, It’s me again.
Alex has started to work with 6.0 Beta. …
Here is another complaint from him.
Again he has a Vista OS.Outline for Packages (Editior)

  1. After every write operation appears a sand clock and the outline is going to be restructured.With my code (2734 rows in the body) a conveniently working is not possible that way. (And I (means Alex) have a dual core and 2 GB RAM at all)
  2. The presentation of procedures and functions so far was (pre 6.0 Beta) in a alphabetical order. Now the order conforms to the source code.
    That is confusing and senseless since one have in mind the name of a unit but not their position inside the source.
    I was not able to find any option to change this behaviour and make it work like in 5.5.2.

Best Regards


Helo Andre,

We’ve already made enhancements to Code Editor that address these issues.

  1. All source code parsing is now done in the background, so the delays are minimal.
  2. On the editor toolbar, there is a combo box that shows a list of all procedures in the current source (since Beta 4, I believe). It always displays the name of procedure you are currently in and allows you to navigate quickly to another procedure.

In addition, the next iteration of Beta will introduce a very useful Cross-References panel in the Tools Pane. It will list all your procedures, functions, types, cursors, variables, constants and parameters in alphabetic order, grouped by type (i.e. procedures first, then functions, then types, then cursors, etc.). You can navigate in the list by scrolling or simply typing the first letters of a name. By expanding any entry in the list, you will get a list of all references to this name in the appropriate scope, and you can navigate to any of them by clicking. You can even rename a variable, procedure, etc., in the entire scope, by entering the new name in the tree.

The feature is already fully implemented and is being tested to be included in the next beta. We believe it’s what users like you want to see in a PL/SQL development tool.



Hello Roman
Thank you very much for the patiently explanation!

We have realized (seen) the existens of the combo box you are pointed to.
And it works.

But I personally would find it much better and easier to have the left hand side like it was in the old editor.
And It would be better from my view to have the opportunity to be able to sort the unit and other code elements
by name OR ba physical morder.
That would be a good thing.

What do you think, is this possible to be implemented?
Or is this what you mean by “Cross-References panel in the Tools Pane.”?
If so, I’m very looking forward to this new feature.



Hello Andre,

I thought my description of the Cross-References feature was pretty explanatory. Yes, it contains all your code elements in the name order (grouped by type). Yes, it is on the left hand side, like other panels (DB Explorer etc.) I don’t know what else we need to do to make sure the feature is exactly what you are asking for. And the Outline is still there, so you have a choice whether to explore your code in physical order or by name.

Please let us know, when you get the next beta, whether you are satisfied with the offered solution.



Hello Ramon,

sorry, your description was surely pretty explanatory - for sure.
But sometimes it’s my insufficient english that does fool me…

Yes, I will let you know about this whgen we get the next beta.

Can you tell me a target date for the next beta?



Yeeeaaaahhhhh Roman, that corss reference panel is waht we need!!!
I’m looking forward to seen nex beta build :wink:


Hi Andre,

We are planning to send out the next Beta sometimes next week.

thanks and regards,