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Your feedback required re the 'Data Export' options in 6.0...


Hi all,

We are trying to rationalize the data export options that we are including with the 6.0 release.

So, please examine the 6.0 data export functionality, and let us know what is missing, that you really need.

Thanks for your feedback…

  • Jaime -


Those seem to meet my needs.



Looks good to me.


Just something to note, again not a big deal, in old navigator 5.x when you saved (say as excel) it would attempt to create the file name based on the from clause. Kind of silly looking with commas and all. The new way just uses the last name entered. For me not a big deal, I change the name either way, but I thought it might impact some people by over writing a file they didn’t mean to… Now this only occurrs in 5.x when a new sql editor window is opened. If you changed the from clause in an already open window it would use the same name.


Couple things:

  1. Spool Text - ability to specify if you want column headings or not
  2. Delimited Text
    • option to specify your own delimiter (like a pipe, tilde, etc.)
    • it should save (or keep) the options you choose (I always use the same delimiter and date format, it would be nice to not have to select them every time I export).



Thanks to Joe, Dale and Charlie for your feedback.
I have raised an enhancement request for the points raised.

We will look at the suggestions post 6.0

  • Jaime -


I realize it is wayyyy too late on this, but I just got upgraded this morning to 6.0. What I would like is what I lost. Export options reset every time I use it. There should be a way to save format, method, column header option, etc. This is a serious step back in my opinion.


Hi David,

All these issues have been addressed in our latest 6.2 beta build. You can download this version and check it out.