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14.2.65 Connection Errors

Following patch Tuesday I upgraded and my first use got one error for each on the 5 connections I created. 2 on startup for recovered files and 3 after startup. After each error I clicked close and things seemed to continue normally. It did seem very slow to complete the open connections.

4 lots of Could not convert variant of type (OleStr) into type (Integer)
1 lot of Invalid release: " timesta"

At the end the connection bar had garbage appended to each name e.g. MyUser sum(@MySchema.MyDomain.COM. All the My's are substitutes for the post. The sum( had one character less for each commection i.e. sum( then sum then su .

I checked the Numeric Character are correct as per this page.

We didn't make any change (that I'm aware of) that could have caused that, so I'm not sure what to say...

Please check this post...if you get any error dialogs log that, please post error details from it, following the directions on that post.


There is no "See details" button. Any log I can send?
P.S. Will have to DM if it contains details of my org setup

Opened a connection on 14.1 GA release successfully. Either my 14.2 beta eviroment is corrupt or a 14.2 bug?

Do you have Toad configured to use the same Oracle client in each?

Yes. I only have one Oracle client installed on my machine.

I've tested several client/server combinations here and haven't had any problems connecting. I'm not sure why this is happening.

Can you zip up and send me your user files folder and a support bundle so I can try to reproduce it?

Support bundle is under Help menu (please make one or more of the problem connections before you do this so I can get database version info)

Instructions on finding user files folder as well as my email address are here.


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Hi John,

I sent you a private message with a link to a small test app that will hopefully help us to narrow this down and solve it.



Incase anyone else has this problem:

It only happens with Oracle Client version If you have this problem, install a newer Oracle client. I recommend 12cR2 or 18c. I do not recommend the 19c client at this time, because I have seen memory leaks with LOBs in that version.