[24.2.79] Horizontal scrolling broken in editor

When I scroll horizontally in the editor with the trackpad on my Mac (Parallels VM), the content jumps:

It doesn't happen in V 17.1.717.3711.

I don't have a trackpad nor do I have Parallels. Can you try a few things?

  1. Does it occur if you click the horizontal scroll bar and drag it right/left or is it limited to the scrolling gesture on your trackpad?
  2. With Toad closed, backup Scintilla.dll and Lexilla.dll in your beta installation folder. Copy those files from 17.1 and drop them in your beta folder. Does the same issue occur?

We recently upgraded Scintilla so I'm wondering if the issue is with it or something else that changed in Toad.



  1. Dragging the scroll bar works fine.
  2. When using Scintilla.dll and Lexical.dll from 17.1 the issue no longer occurs.
    In fact, it is sufficient to replace Scintilla.dll.


Thank you for the information.

You should be able to use Scintilla.dll from 17.1, but keep the original backed up just in case. I can think of only one feature where the behavior will be unexpected. This option was added and contains a new value, All levels, that pertains to the latest version of Scintilla.dll and not to the one shipped with 17.1. Folding in general should be OK if you leave this option at Top level.

If you notice any problems you can restore the new DLL. When you update your beta the DLL will be replaced with the newer one.