5.5.4: Integers still not implimented ...

This bug existed in 5.5.3 as well, but … I was dumb enough not to report it.

This is majorly messing up all database designs over here. SQL Navigator generates DDLS of tables with integer fields as Number (#,#), which is incorrect in a major way. The other bad thing, is when listing tables with integers, it does the same thing. It replaces Integers with Numbers … not good at all :frowning:

Hi shannara, i have tested this issue on 10g/11g not only in SQL Navigator, but also in Toad and SQL Developer and all those tools behave in the same way as far as INTEGER and NUMBER datatype are concerned, when extracting DDL. We would like to help if we can and need to consult our Oracle experts, but first tell us what is your main concern about this behaviour? Rgds,Andrew Also, see what happened in SQL*Plus, when I created table withINTEGER: SQL> create table anawa (col1 INTEGER);

Table created.

SQL> desc anawa
Name Null? Type



subtype INTEGER is NUMBER(38,0);


Oracle SQL does not have simple type INTEGER, this is derivative of number type.
integer = number(*,0) so I think this is not error.

Check Oracle package STANDARD, in spec you can find: