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A new Toad for DB2 v5.0 Beta Drop is available

A new Toad for DB2 Beta build is available at:

• For SAP users:
We fixed all encoding issues related to SQL0873N that we were able to identify in our environment on SAP database, defined as IMPLICIT_UNICODE=YES.
Please, use this beta build to identify that you are not experiencing this issue any more and enjoy working with TOAD.

In comparison with previous beta the following major enhancements were added:
• Module administration support will allow you to see the script and use Create/Create Like/Alter/Drop functionality for each object in the module (like function, procedure, variable, type…).
• Possibility to manage MQT Indexes (Create/Alter/Drop/Create Like) .
• Possibility to manage Variables (Create/Alter/Drop/Create Like) .
• CHECK DATA utility can be invoked on selected z\OS tablespaces in the Database Explorer .

The list of fixes and enhancements can be found in the Beta release notes at: