Abillity to Dissable Auto Script Update when Copy and Pasting to Editors with Different Connections

The most frustrating thing with Data Point is when it tries to help by changing my query when I copy and paste from one editor into a different editor window that is connected to a different DBMS. I get that it is trying to help but every time it "helps" it has always been wrong with the text that it adds. To make matters worse, it doesn't let me know that it is updating anything so I carry on writing code then I have to hunt through my script for the stuff that Data Point added and delete it.

This happens to everyone I work with also. I have to tell people new to the product that it is normal and they just need to paste it into a notepad before pasting it into a different connection. My preference would be to disable this feature by default and provide a setting that can be enabled by those who want it. At a minimum there should be a setting for me to disable it. Thanks for all your work! I use Data Point every day to make my job easier!