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Access Violation at 41A3E70 reading from negative address


this relates to Beta of Toad for Oracle.

While I was running a master_script (contains mainly @commands to redirect) using F5 Toad encountered an access violation:

20180112 AV error.png

The bottom status-line states the script is still running (which it isn’t) while the little ‘runner’ at the bottom right is all blank, indicating it is not running.
When I try to close the edit window, Toad asks met whether or not I want to terminate script execution.

After answering yes, the edit window closes. Then after a second or two, I get another access violation

20180112 AV error 2.png

After that Toad closes without further issues.




Abe Kornelis


must be some kind of intermittent bug. I just restarted Toad and the script ran just fine.

Kind regards,