After Script database statement delimiter


I have a MSSQL2008 physical model and in my after script on an entity I will have and insert statement:

insert into foo (column 1) values (value1)

When I convert this model to Oracle 10g I would like to have the insert statement look like

insert into foo (column 1) values (value1)

Is there a macro I can put at the end of the insert statement, something like
%DBTypeDelimiter% that will insert “go” when I generate the DDL Script for Sql Server. And then when I convert the model to Oracle 10g, insert the “/” when I generate the DDL Script for Oracle?




application variables will be available soon. Now you can write script that will change what you need. Get some inspiration here:

and feel free to download some scripts from here:

Toad Data Modeler is customizable tool and many objects can be easily modified via scripting. If you need our help, please feel free to write us back.