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Alter Script - Insert statements missing

Hello Forum!

I recently installed TDM v5.0.5. I was used to work with earlier versions of TDM.

I have tried the following simple operation:

  • Reverse engineer one table
  • Alter fields order
  • Create alter script to have this reflected in the DB

In earlier versions of TDM the resulting script would rename the current table to some temporary name, create the new, insert the data from the old table into the new one, and drop the old table. The script I have produced with this version just drops the current table, creates it new and creates other attributes (PK, etc).

Is there any check I need to set in order to have TDM migrate the old data? I have checked it twice but see nothing obvious.




what is your target database please?

Click Settings | Options and in section Model | Physical Model | Oracle you can find group box Alter Script Settings. There are items Use Temporary Tables to Preserve Data and Use Temporary Tables to Preserve Data on Data Type Change.



And in the next official TDM version 5.2 it will be possible to ignore order of columns in a table. In the current version 5.1 the columns order is always checked.



Target DB is Oracle 11g Release 2.

I tried your suggestion and it’s worked fine! Thanks!

Great! Thanks for the confirmation.