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Alter script issue for views


Hi. I have two models for MSSQLServer2008. I want to get alter script for one of them. But i got a lot of error messages after deployed it. What i found

  1. I have a lot of new views in source model. These views have dependencies between each other. Toad did understand these dependencies and created “create view” statements with wrong order.
  2. i have some views that are presented in both models but were changed. But i found that toad created “create view” statements instead of " alter view" for these view.
  3. I found that Toad added in alter script look like this " create table tbl_243923928398923". As i understood it is temp table. But script for this temporary table has the same default constraint name that has really table in db

Version toad data modeler is



Hi Shrek,

can you send us sample models to, please?

Also, please update to the latest version of TDM. It contains enhancements as well as bug fixes. Thank you,