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Attribute: Creating unique attribute / Alternative Key causes errors.



I want to add a new Attribute to an existing Entity. The new Attribute will have unique values. I am using SQL Server 2012.


The new Attribute with a new Key named AK_AttributeName, and a unique non-clustered index.


I create a new Attribute and select “Unique (New AK)”. A new Key is created called PK_AttributeName. The Attribute Key is clustered.

First the new attribute shouldn’t be prefixed with “PK”. Second, it should not be a clustered index; SQL Server defaults the Primary Key as a clustered index. I also will get an error because I cannot have two clustered indexes.

Thanks. Jake.


Hello Jake,

when you create a new attribute “Unique (New AK)”, a new key is created on tab Keys and by default it has the same name as the attribute. You can edit the key - rename it and change the Clustered property.

You write the key is prefixed “PK”… It seems you defined the key names this way. Maybe you use naming convention for keys…?