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Attribute definition and domain not recognized in Children. Also the filegroup is it DB or something else?

I have company and property by example and I have defined domain for company and the property won’t enforce it.

Why do we have to define the attribute and then if we want to use a domain or we define the datatype and length, etc. That the children don’t recognize the definition? Its a lot of work to redefine what is already defined?

I also wonder why the filegroup has to be set?

My datamodel is ‘ResidentConceirge’ so I will be creating a DB with the same name. SO, I created a filegroup named ‘ResidentConceirge’. Am I thinking right?

Hi Stephan,

I’m not sure if I understand your first problem correctly, could you please rephrase what are you doing step by step and what would you like to do? Also, what is the database platform and version of your model?

As for your second problem, I don’t think you have to create any filegroups, but that of course depends on what kind of database are you modelling, its purpose, etc. There is a Verification Rule that checks whether all objects have a filegroup assigned, but it is just a hint and it can be turned off in Model Verification Settings.



I notice if I use uniqueidentifier then this trickles down to all the children.

If I don’t use that datatype, lets say I have 4 entities that bring in a parent key from level 1. If I change the description of the attribute and or its domain other than uniqueidentifier, the children are not updated so I have to:

Go to entity properties then attribute properties and double click the attribute then > to reset the name and also set the domain.

If you ever change the name then you have to go to all the children to do this so isn’t there a setting to enforce this. Seems silly I am even asking. Its the caption that isn’t updated is really the issue not the attribute. Hope this helps. I appreciate your assistance and thanks on the filegroup that makes sense.

Correction the caption is good but I have to double click then > to get the name updated

Oh, I think I understand now. Please tell me if I understood correctly:

  1. You have a parent entity with an attribute - primary key. There are four child entities, all linked with the parent entity using non-identifying relationship. The primary key attributes migrates to all of those entities.

  1. You change the attribute Caption and Name and also Description, for example. Out of these changes, only Name caption is passed to the FK attributes. To synchronize Caption and Name in the FK attributes, you have to open their Attribute Properties and click the > symbol. This is actually how TDM is designed to work, only some properties migrate this way from the PK attribute to the FK attributes.

  1. You apparently also have a similar problem when you change the Data Type or Domain of the PK attribute and this setting does not migrate to FK attributes. Unfortunately, I was not able to reproduce this behavior, no matter which Data Type/Domain I assigned to the PK attribute, the same one was automatically set for all FK attributes.

Hopefully, this should explain why are you experiencing such behavior. Feel free to ask if you didn't understand something!



Sure wish there was a resynch for enforcing consistency. I had to review so much and monkey work. Thanks for confirming things. I appreciate your time and assistance!

Hi again Stephan,

There is a way to synchronize all Captions and Names in the model at once which you could use after you change the PK attribute Caption and Name.

  1. Go to Tools Menu | Naming Convention | **Settings.


  1. You will be asked to create a new Naming Convention (if you haven't already). Name it however you want.
  2. In Naming Convention Properties, go to the General tab and ensure that both options in the Synchronization of Captions and Names are enabled. Close the dialog.

  1. Change the PK attribute Caption/Name and apply the changes. As usual, only the Caption will migrate to FK attributes.

  1. Go to Tools Menu | Naming Convention and choose Verification or click the button on Naming Convention Toolbar.


  1. The Naming Convention Verification detects a difference between Name and Caption of the FK attributes. Check all the differences and click Update. This will update all Names in FK attributes to match the Captions.

Hopefully this will make the job easier for you!




Thank you so much for the detailed fix for my issue. I very much appreciate your time and effort!