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Automated Scripts Running While Disabled



I recently went on vacation and disabled my automated scripts while I was gone. Well, they ran anyway…

That’s not so much the issue.

All the scripts ran well during my time away except for one. This one in particular never generated a file for today. I had checked it at 9AM and it said “Running” in the Job Manager window. It was scheduled for 9AM, so I let it run. I check my Job Manager window later, and this particular automation script was still “Running” at 1PM this afternoon. I promptly DELETED the job (rather than just disabling it).

Trying to run the script outside of the schedule generates a “Build Failed” error. Maybe the script was simply in error mode and never generated any results? The file from yesterday is perfectly normal in comparison.

Anyway, does DELETING in Job Manager halt the operation on the server? I’m confused because disabling appeared to do nothing.

Thanks for your help!


Did something similar while went on vacantion to thailand with family, for me deleting the jo manager worked well.