Automation - Date expression for current day of week

Hi everyone,

In Toad Data Point(5.7 for now), I was trying to use the "If..Condition.." system activity in regards to what the current day of the week is in the "Date Functions" Expression. If the Current Day of the week is Wednesday, I want a particular TEF file to be ran, if today is not Wednesday, a different TEF file would be ran. Could not figure out how to do this, even with the Toad Data Point guide.

Thanks in advance!

Date data types are funny things in many RDBMSs, so you may need to experiement with different functions provided by the database, etc.

If Oracle, for example, you should be able to furnish a logical expression in your If-THEN task (or IF-THEN-ELSE) container by noting something like...

TO_CHAR(current_date, 'day') = 'wednesday'

There are probably many ways to do this, even in Oracle. Might have to play around with the function calls or logic in order to get it right. Hope this helps.