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Automation Export Wizard to Macro Excel file exporting 0 rows


I have several Automation files with multiple Export Wizard activities that are supposed to export the data into a macro enabled workbook. Each activity is to export its data into a different worksheet within the same workbook. I recently upgraded to 5.1 and now when I run a majority of the Automation files they don't export. I've compared the log files for one of the files that still works against the others and cannot pinpoint the issue.

As a test I created an Automation with one Export Wizard activity, and included a SQL I knew had results. When the automation ran it exported 0 rows. So I added a "Select to File" activity and directed it's output to a new worksheet within the same Workbook. It has the exact same SQL as the Export Wizard activity. It exported results but the Export Wizard still did not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Traci E

I am not able to reproduce this issue, at least with the general steps you outline.

What happens when you bring up the Export Wizard and select one of the existing Export Template files that had been working before? Do you still get no rows exported? See snap below...

Yes, I still get no rows exported.

Very strange... I would open a Support ticket so that they can reproduce with your exact steps, Traci.

Thank you both so much for responding to me. I was about to submit a ticket this morning and thought I'd look at one more thing. One of my variables was not properly set as a number! Once I fixed that in the script the export worked. I feel so silly having missed that all this time.

Just checking... so everything works ok now??!

Yes. I can't believe I missed it before.