Automation giving error on email addresses

Related to previous thread on Automation, and following advice of extracting email address from database:

I am getting errors from what appear to be legitimate email addresses when attempting to pull address, eg from database. See attachment for data being used and screenshots of .tas and loggings.

Is there a way to diagnose the ‘Syntax error’? Displaying a Log Comment such as:
Message: Show #Email_to#
results in
Automation Logging:09/23/2009 1:46:43 PM: Show EMPTY

PAM_SQLQueries.log (531 Bytes)

Yes. You can use the ‘Log Comment’ activity. Here you can drefernce the variable and see it’s content.

I can’t see the whole script. I suspect that you might be setting the value of the variable prior to the result set being valid. Where is the Loop Dataset activity? Is it after the set var you show in the screenshot? Do you have an initializer for Email_To? You need to dereference the column info only inside of the Loop dataset. i can’t confirm that from your screenshot.

Thanks for the exchange of information, and advice on generating the data elements surrounded by double-quotes, until the problems can be fixed in the next release.