Automation - variable (today's date) in FTP file download

Hello! I am setting up an automation that executes a script daily and will have the date in the output filename. Then I would like to also download that brand new file from our FTP but don't see a way to automate the downloading of a specific .csv based on a date in the filename. It looks like we can use a Query Iterator with FTP uploads but not downloads. Is there something simple here that I am overlooking?

Thank you.

Hi Brandon.

No, you didn't overlook anything, but I'd say we did. This is a bug.

We can get it fixed in version 17.0 (due out next month). If you are on version 16.3, you can get a fix for this in beta on Monday (Sept 25)

Maybe as a workaround you can add a RExec action first to rename (or copy) the file to a name that the FTP action can expect? Looks like variables in the RExec command are processed as expected, so I believe this will work, although I did not test it.


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I appreciate the quick response, John!

I will give your workaround a try and also look forward to 17.0 next month.

Thank you!

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