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As part of the Quest to Dell rebranding, the default Installation and Application data (User Files) directories will now be pointed to different locations…

x64: C:\Program Files*Dell*

x86: C:\Program Files (x86)*Dell*

C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming*Dell*\Toad for Oracle\12.6 beta

ASH Browser:

New window under Database -> Monitor. Shows graphical ASH (Active Session History) data collected by Oracle. Also allows drill-down to find expensive queries.

Compare Files:

A toolbutton for format has been added. Clicking it formats both the left and right sides and refreshes the comparison. The button has a dropdown so that you can also choose to only format
the left or right side. [TOR-195]

Source Control:

Create a new VCS sub-project / project directory from within Toad.

Users may create a sub-project from within Toad by clicking the ‘New…’ button in the VCS Select Project Dialog. This option is available for the following VCS Providers:

  • Concurrent Version Systems (CVS)

  • Git

  • IBM Rational Clearcase

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server

  • Perforce

  • Serena PVCS Version Manager

  • Subversion (SVN)
    The following interfaces are not supported

  • Microsoft Visual Sourcesafe


  • Tortoise SVN

Space Manager Graphs:

The “Tablespace” and “Datafile” dropdowns on the Tablespace Space Manager graphs are now multiselect enabled. The graphs can now export to Excel by right-clicking in the grid. There is a new
toolbar button on the Space History graph that will take you to a new Object Growth history chart in the AWR Browser. Similar graphs have been added to the ASM Manager for graphing Space History and IO for Disks and Disk Groups.

Toad Advisor:

A new alert has been added if the option to format files when opened is enabled. Formatting can cause unexpected differences between files on disk and database source or files in version control.
A no nag message has also been added to the Editor for this option. [TOR-196]


Bye, bye Quest…welcome Dell.