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Beta Released (

This will be the final beta of the release cycle. Expiration has been extended. Once again, thanks for all of your invaluable input.

Bug Fixes
Script Execution: EXEC statements were making invisible grids
Rebuild Table: SQL error when rebuilding tables referenced by foreign key
Editor: Profiler hints cut off
Editor: Syntax error hint not showing correctly on 4K monitor
Spool SQL: "Send last SQL to Editor" broken
Generate Schema Script: Path error when right-click on "top level directory" box.
Describe Window: List Index Out of Bounds when right-click on area next to tabs
Grid text popup editor: AV after clicking "Last", then close
Database Monitor: AV after hibernate then wakeup
Toad: AV if End all connections, then close Toad before it finishes
(possibly a few others)