Bugs in TOAD 11.6


  1. Created an index on a table with no data
  2. Edited the index (using the Alter Index button) and tried to change the tablespace of the newly created index from USER to something else (Tablespace can be set in Physical Attributes tab)
  3. I am getting the following error: “ORA-60013: invalid MAXSIZE storage option value”
  4. Note that if there is any data in the table, then the error does not occur. I tried with different tables, the error occurs constantly.


  1. Created a schema trigger.
  2. in the Schema Browser, clicked on this trigger in order to display the associated information.
  3. I always get something like: “Access violation at address 006AA812 in module ‘Toad.exe’. Read of address 0000038C” and a prompt to “Restart TOAD for Oracle”
    I tried with several databases, the error occurs constantly.

Create a new trigger. On the dialog form, on the “Basic Info/Fire Control” tab, try to click on the following options in order to select different combinations:

  • On Database
  • On Schema
  • Fire Event type Database
  • Fire Event type DDL
    The results seem inconsistent, I think the form events are not triggering correctly when clicking on these options.

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