Can the VCS managed code section be expanded to include materialized views

Is there a user setting that can expand Version Control and Team Coding to include materialized views?

Hi dwmosman,

Team Coding support for Materialized Views has been added for Toad for Oracle 13.0 starting in Thursday’s beta. Feel free to give it a try and let us know if you have any questions.




Can I install and run the Toad 13 beta alongside Toad 12?

Also, do you have a target date for release of Toad for Oracle 13?

Hi dwmosman,

You can install and run Toad 13 beta alongside Toad 12.12. You need the last GA version in order to run the beta.

To download the latest beta, visit our beta page here:

Toad 13 should be released sometime around the May/June time period.


Thank you . I’ve downloaded it and checking right now.