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Can't limit number of rows to import

When I try to import data I only have an option for which row to start at, not to limit how many rows to import. Consequently, it imports my (for example) 2 rows and then about 7700 null rows. I have looked around and the only things that I can find show the ability to limit the number of rows, but this is not in my dialog. Am I missing something here? Thanks.

EDIT: I do see why I am getting all of these. Because the CSV has tons of null rows. But according to all that I can find, I should be able to limit how many rows to import...

Hi Isaac,
do you see this in Import Wizard?

Which TDP version are you using?

No I don't see this at all. I am using Toad 4.3.

Oh, for CSVs the import dialog is different. My screenshot was Excel file. As a workaround, can you use XLSX for importing?
I'll investigate whether it's possible to add an enhancement request.

Ah. I kind of wondered that when I saw you were doing excel. Odd that it would be different. But yes, I can upload it as excel. I'll give that a try. Thanks.

Added an ER QAT-15164 to add "End row" for import of CSVs.

Thank you kind sir :slight_smile: