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Can't use Instance Manager without tnsnames.ora

We are running Toad for Oracle from a Terminal Server Cluster.
It seems that Instance Manager only pick up databases residing in the tnsnames.ora.

On a Terminal Server Cluster this makes Instance Manager useless since we only are using direct Connections.

Would be great if Instance Manager could pick up my Toad Connections and present them for me.

Then I should be able to choose a Connection to use.

Best Regards

/Rickard Hökros

Hej Rickard,

Would the Direct tab under the Password text box in the Log In popup window serve your purpose?

When we were migrating to a new data center I used that tab instead of the TNS tab to connect to the new location which was not in the global tnsnames file.

Best Regards,

Brian Keegan

SR Oracle DBA

Farmers Insurance Group

Hi Brian!

All my connections are made in the Direct tab.

Best regards