Change Navigator version 4.1 to version 5

Does anybody knows how can I change/migrate the version 4.1 to 5 in the SQL Navigator?

Please, is URGENT because in the version 4.1 can not connect to BD Oracle 10g



On the Left (in the margin) in the “QUEST SOFTWARE” box there is Download Latest Release. go to the donwload section and search. Scroll through until you find the 5.x version you want. I would however recommend you move to 6.5 (You can run these in parallel, I do) and start preparing to move to that. It has a lot of new features, but can be overwhelming to start.

Hi Mitchel,

If there is some delay for you getting access to 5.x or 6.5 as Dale suggested, and you need to work with 10g or 11g DBs, you might want to download the current v6.6 Beta from this forum -