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Clarification on Check Constraints


I reverse engineered one table from MySQL database, currently that table has Check Constraint on one column. I have few clarifications, please check below.


  1. In the data model, if I click on the “Check Constraints” tab, I am able to view the SQL for that check constraints. However, while generating “Create DDL Script”, check constraints portion is missing in the DDL.

  2.  After verifying the data model, I am getting below suggestion(Highlighted in Red). 

  • I am trying to figure out, why the check constraints portion is missing in the DDL.
  • Also, I would like to know how to ignore that message while verifying the data model. Please advise.

Thanks !!

Hello Rajesh,
MySQL doesn't support check constraints. These tabs are in the MySQL model for some compatibility/historical reasons but they are ignored during generating SQL. Model verification points out this fact, and for this reason, you see this message. You can ignore this message it or turn off this verification rule in model verification.