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Clone Database


I’m looking for a method to clone/refresh my MySql database.

I thought (hoped) Toad Edge has a soution for it, with Export Import. So I installed the trial version to see if it uasable.

But till now I didn’t figure it out.

Is someone familiar with this or is there maybe an other option/solution to achiev this.

Thnx in Advance



are you looking to do the whole database or just the data in the tables?

If it is just the data then import/export should work.

If you want the complete database you probably need to use the MySqldump. This would be run outside of Edge.


So far, we don’t offer a one-click solution to clone a database. As for table data, you can export and then import data for selected tables.

As for replicating the database structure, there is a workaround how to do it.

  1. right-click your database in Object Explorer, then click “Take Snapshot…”
  2. find the snapshot in Snapshots View, right-click it and select an “Export Script…” action
  3. the resulting SQL script contains create statements for the database structure and can be run within the new database


I’m looking for both. I want to clone the structure including the data.

For now I think using the snapshot option in combination with the export/import of the data I can create the clone.

I’m not familiair with MySqldump (yet). Can someone please explain how to use it to copy/clone a database.

Toad Edge may be used to export/import the table DDL and DML. Subsequently, the DDL, DML may be used to clone a database table. Toad Edge may also import table data from a CSV data file.


  1. Export database table data to a DML SQL script. Or export the database DDL.…/using-ssh-in-toad-edge-1-1-with-mysql-database

Subsequently, run the DDL SQL script to create a new database table. Run the DML SQL script to add table data.

  1. Table data may also be imported from a CSV file with Import Data Wizard.…/using-toad-edge-1-1-with-mysql-database-new-database-amp-new-table-wizards-text-search-import-data-wizard

To clone the database itself the MySQL database platform may provide some additional database cloning features. What is the MySQL database platform?




-Oracle Cloud Platform

-IBM Bluemix

-Google Cloud Platform


this is from the MySql documentation:…/mysqldump.html


  • to export DDL scripts, you can create a snapshot for selected database, and export script to file.

  • to import DDL script you can open exported script in Worksheet and execute all statements in the script

  • to export/import data you can use Export/Import actions for selected table(s)


Miroslav Stanik