Code assist for instantiated objects


Been searching around but I’m having no luck figuring this one out. Currently I use Toad for Oracle against an Oracle 11gR2 database.

I’m working with custom object types. I was wondering if there is a way for the code assist to popup for an instantiated object type, rather than on the type itself? For example the following procedure:

PROCEDURE foo (p_inxml IN CLOB)
v_xml XMLTYPE;
v_base_path VARCHAR2 (500);
license_type license_transaction_typ := license_transaction_typ ();

v_xml := xmltype.createxml (p_inxml);
license_type.set_license_no (‘test’);
license_type.set_item_no (‘3’);

Here I create an instance of an object “License_transaction_typ”, called license_type. However when I attempt to type in license_typ and wait for code assist to pop up (or hit CTRL-T), none of the member functions/procedures that I made actually display. Rather it just displays the variable in the pop-up. However, If I start typing the word “licen” then wait (or ctrl-T…), I get two selections. One is for the variable I’ve made, the other is for the type itself. I can expand that type and see my member functions/procs, but if I click one of those it copies in the name of the type itself along with the procedure. The problem is that it doesn’t copy in the object instance with the procedure.

Another somewhat related issue is that when I’m debugging, I can’t see what the properties of the object are set to. After I call on a setter, I figured I’d be able to add a watch to that object and view what the properties are, but it doesn’t seem to pull a reference for that objects properties. Just says it’s a null reference when in fact it’s not. I can actually step down in thru the setter and go through the member function/proc and step out of it.

Is this intended to occur this way? Would be awesome to see all the values of some instantiated object type!