commit never finishes


I’m on Taod

I have a test script that starts out deleting all data from the previous run, then commits, then starts creating the test cases.

This time I blocked the delete statements and hit F5 to execute them all. So far so good.

Now I position my cursor on the commit statement and press F9.
Status bar shows that execution of the statement is in progress, but never finishes.
Well, I did not wait forever; just 1 minute and a half.

If, instead of positioning the cursor on the commit statement, I block the commit statement before pressing F9,
it commits witihin a second.

Seems kind of strange to me, that it makes a difference whether I block the statement, or just put my cursor on it.
Especially since all semi-colons seem to be properly in place.

Oh, I just put my cursor on the commit statement, then pressed Ctrl-Enter instead of F9,
that works like a charm: the commit is executed in less than a second.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis


I just figured it out:

The deletes and the commit are in a begin-end block.

So when I do not block the commit statement, F9 will execute the entire begin-end block.
Then Oracle runs into its own locks, as the target rows have already been deleted.

Ok - so F9 is too smart for me :frowning:

Sorry for the confusion.