Conditional Compilation in PL/SQL: would you like to see it support in Nav?

Some of the 10g2 features the SQL Nav team are considering to add to the product such as Transparent Data Encription and Conditional Compilation in PL/SQL…
We would like to get some feedback from our SQL Nav users wheter ‘Conditional Compilation in PL/SQL support’ is a MUST in Nav? Please also let us know any 10g features that you consider important to your work.

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.

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Yes, I would like to see conditional compilation in Nav. TDE would be useful too. We don’t use it much since Nav doesn’t support it (yet).

Thanks genesisman for your feedback.

We will definitely have the TDE in the next 5.5 Beta build (Beta 3) for you. Beta 3 will be released 19 June 06.

We will try to get the conditional compile to you in a future build.

Thanks again.


would like to get more feedback from other Nav users.