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Connecting database by Toad for Oracle occurs ORA-06550.

Hello, everyone.

I’m really curious about this phenomenon.

My database have issue with executing procedures so I started to trace 6550 event.

(Command is … alter system set events ‘6550 trace name errorstack level 3’’)

From that time whenever I try to connect the database with Toad, error trace has occurred like below.

ORA-06550: Line 1, Col26:PLS-00302: component ‘7217607141729782516158035220’ must be declared

---- Current SQL Statement for this session (sql_id=39f74f6rku3d0) ----

BEGIN sys.dbms_profiler.“7217607141729782516158035220”; END;

---- PL/SQL Stack -----

The component number varies when I try to connect.

I think that when Toad try to connect the database, Toad execute “BEGIN sys.dbms_profiler.“7217607141729782516158035220”; END;”.

But the package procedure don’t exists.

I cannot understand why Toad execute that command.

Or am I missed something?

Please help me.


  1. Please try to connect with same user/pwd to same database with SQL*Plus.
    Do you have the same error?
  2. If yes then this is core oracle error, which can be resolved by searching google
  3. If “no” (error is strictly connected to Toad-what I seriously doubt), then please place all code and screen shots, so we can understand what you are doing.