Convert TOAD commands to sql*script

Is there a command line utility to convert a sql statement that runs fine in TOAD but fails in sqlplus command line so it runs successfully in sqlplus? For example:

2:12:14 nw@DWD1RAC> select 1
2:12:15 2
2:12:15 nw@DWD1RAC> from dual;
P2-0042: unknown command “from dual” - rest of line ignored.

We have lots of toad scripts saved to the file system and would like to convert them all to sql*plus without recourse to the TOAD Formatter

In this case you have one empty line. This can be easily changed with Notepad++ by replacing all files in directory.

If Linux, then regular expression and change “[\n\n]” to “[\n]”.

If Windows, then regular expression “[\r\n\r\n]+” to “[\r\n]+”

Hope this helps