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Converting a 13 digit Oracle database date to UK date/time

I’m having problems sorting out the correct syntax to convert a 13 digit datetime field into a UK date time i.e. dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss

I’ve had a good google but still not quite sure how to achieve this in TDP

Any of you formula experts out there had to do this before?


for converting DateTime you can use Oracle function TO_DATE, or you can set the appropriate format in Options.

I hope it helps.

With regards Jakub K.

Thanks to Jakub for his reply below.

We did eventually work it out and for those of you who run into the same issues here is the formula we used :

TO_DATE (‘01-JAN-1970’, ‘dd-mon-yyyy’) + ((((13 digit timestamp column/ 60) / 60) / 24) / 1000)