Copying latest file to another location

Need help . Looking for method to copy latest file . I tried creating variables but source file doesn’t like and will not accept that path with variable in path

Hi Craig,
which feature are you asking about?

I was putting a variable in copy file (file activities) source path

Dan can confirm, but TDP automation flows do not yet allow variables within the names of input files, only on output. This is an enhancement request that I know personally has been asked by more than a few users lately. Hope to see it in a future release soon.

Its true that for now most of our activities are not working with variables in path. But as I know only these paths which loading SQL for execution.
I was able to use variable in copy file activity so can you tell me what error do you see or how do you use it?

Hi, don't understand what you really want to do.
You want to move sql file, or resultset ?

to copy a resultset, you can, first, copy an empty template file to a temp folder, fill this file with the "select to file" activity, then, move this file to another folder...


this works fine...

My question was answered in earlier post. Toad do not yet allow variables within the names of input files. Thank you all for your feedback.

Variable doesn't works in file name, but works fine in folder...