Correctly evaluating variables in the IF area

OK - so I have two variables that the user inputs which are: #Process_MPI_KANSAS_Full# and #Process_MPI_TEXAS_FULL#

Based on the input from the user (they will either puy the words YES or NO in each of those variables - I need the “If Condition” to do this

#Process_MPI_KANSAS_Full#’=‘YES’ OR ‘#Process_MPI_TEXAS_FULL#’= ‘YES’

I’m getting these results in the LOG :

*Variable “Process_MPI_TEXAS_FULL” set to ‘NO’
*Variable “Process_MPI_KANSAS_Full” set to ‘NO’
*Make sure variables are additionally enclosed in single quotes if variables represent character value (’#variable#’)
*Mismatched input ‘OR’ expecting EOF line 1:11

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help ahead of time (and YES - you can hit me on the head for being stupid!)

Operators are case sensitive as well. So, replacing OR with or in your expression should cure the problem.