Cross-Connection Encryption of Login Password

Currently using Toad Data Point Professional I successfully started cross-connection query builder between an Oracle database and Sybase database. The Sybase requires Encrypted Password (which I have checked on the properties window). I get the following error message: "Cross Query Database Error: Invalid data source definition: Adaptive Server requires encryption of the login password on the network. ;Login failed. (Remembered answer: "OK". Enable)". Login works correctly using the normal, non-cross-connection query builder. In building cross-connection query I tried both ways - initially using Sybase and then Oracle and initially using Oracle then Sybase. Both attempts provided the same error. The cross-connection is not detecting that I am using encrypted password.

We should support that. I entered QAT-14575 for this. What type and version of Sybase connection are you using?

Thanks for the reply.

We are currently running 15.5/15.7 Sybase.

To give you the complete picture, I am on one network (called NASE) and the databases reside on the RSN network. A fellow worker whose computer system resides on the RSN network and is using cross-connection query builder for the exact same databases and tables (that are on the RSN network) does not have the problem or error. He too uses the encrypted password for Sybase in his cross-connection query.