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Cross-Connection SQL


I’m trying to use the cross-connection functionality to join data from Teradata ( via ODBC ) and Oracle. I’m able to connect to both databases individually, however when I attempt to join the two data sources, I continue to get a Oracle ODBC Driver Connect login screen, which when I input my credintals, the pop up box continues to appear and the SQL eventually fails with “Can’t address object XXXXXX, XXXXX.TABLENAME from cross query engine”

Any ideas on why Cross-connection isn’t working? I have Toad Data Point base - Trial version. I also have a the base version of Data Analysts 30.1.1734 which results with the same issue.


Can you post a screen shot of what you are experiencing? Also, why are you using ODBC to connect to Teradata. Our native provider is much faster. It would require that you install the Teradata .net provider as we use this instead of ODBC. Although, ODBC is used for cross-connection.


Please see attached screen shots with the popup I continue to get and the connection properites for Oracle.

Is there an option to enable the connection option for Teradata? I have Teradata SQL Assistant and can connect via .net however I don’t like the interface - I pefer toad :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!




You should first try setting the ODBC driver on the advance tab. You will have two choices. One will be for the Oracle client that you have installed. Try that first. If that does not work try the ODBC driver by Microsoft.



For the .net Teradata connection, create a new connection and from the type drop down use the Teradata type.


I changed the advanced connection settings to use the Oracle in Client11gR2_32bit driver - This results in the ODBC popup I had earlier, and the Microsoft ODBC for Oracle driver, this results in an error - “Can’t address object CONNECTION_NAME.SCHEMA.TABLENAME from cross query engine”.

When I take the same query ( its just a simple pull of one field from one data table), remove the data connection text and run in a single connection editor, it returns results.


I have never seen the connector prompt for user name and password. I am curious, what happens when you enter the correct info? There must be something in your environment that prompts for that. What happens when you go to the ODBC manager and make an Oracle connection. Can you do this and test the connection there?