Cross Platform Query error when using QBE

The following sql generated by TDA errors when run. Error below sql.

, Case.caseId
, Case.caseStartDate
, Case.CaseMgr
, Case.Workunitprovider
sqldev2 (XXX\robemorg), JadeRpt.JadeRpt.dbo.Case Case
ON (K_CPIREG.PT_CODE = [Case].ClientId)
WHERE ([Case].caseStartDate BETWEEN ‘2011-09-12 00:00:00’ AND ‘2011-10-11 23:59:59.998’)


Category Timestamp Duration Message Line Position
Error 12/10/2011 9:12:56 a.m. 0:00:00.000 ERROR line 13, col 25, ending_line 13, ending_col 25, Found ‘[’, Invalid identifier: [
ERROR line 13, col 26, ending_line 13, ending_col 29, Found ‘Case’, Expecting: ) ,
1 0

Oracle and sql server 2005 platforms.

Support bundle sent:
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Case is not quoted correctly in the where and on clause. It shouldn’t be [Case] it should be Case.

Thanks for the reply,

Sql server uses [] around reserved words. Case is a reserved word.

The worry is, is that the sql was generated by Toad and it is incorrect.

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Support bundle not accepted by quest LOL

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Quest Support

I entered CR91498 for the casing issue.

Tell me what the support item was about. Are you saying you tried to open support case and could not?


After running the query and getting the error msg I created a support bundle which then opened my email client and attached bundle for which I sent.

I assume this query was generating using the Query Builder. If that is the case I just fixed the issue where columns were not quoted properly in some cases. This will be fixed in the 3.0.1 patch release due to be released soon (Should be available in a few weeks).