Data modelling using SQL Navigator

How to do data model with the help of sql navigator?
Is it possible to open .DML file in SQL navigator?
Please clarify these queries.


If by .DML you mean an text file with DML instrution (aka DML SQL instructions), SQL Nav can open and run it.
Then you can reverse engineering with ER Diagram to get a data model.
SQL Nav has no direct edition/creation of a data model.


Thanks silva.

I have that reverse engineered data model as a .DML file, how to open that file in sql navigator. If you brief me the steps it would be helpful.

File ->new file -> sql script
Open the .DML file
Run it (F9)

Tool->E-R diagram
New ->choose a table and the “depth” (level) you want

Thanks Fsilva.

Opened the .DML file in navigator, able to see the code.

Tools>>E-RDiagram option is disabled, am not able to run as well; throwing error as no connection. How to view the relationship and ER diagram.


I didn’t make myself clear…
SQLNavigator is not a modeling tool …my workaround was to recreated the tables/etc in a database (for that you need a connection) and then make a reverse enginering of getting the E-R from the database.

a list of some modeling tools can be found in

Thanks for your reply Silva :slight_smile:

To which format will you save the generated E-R diagram.

Bcoz the one i have (datamodel/table structure of a database) is in .DML format (generated by sql navigator) and i need to regenerate this again into table structure to find the table structure as well as table relationship. How to proceed?