Data type mismatch error on heterogeneous query

Using TDA

I have a query joining a simple Excel list with 2 Oracle tables (see attached).

It works fine until I introduce into the Where clause a date criteria, eg:

  • (OYVAY_TOOL_RECALL.DATE_DUE < ‘1-dec-2009’)
    Date_due is datatype ‘date’
    Also, I get the error with something like
  • (OYVAY_TOOL_RECALL.DATE_DUE < sysdate +30)

This is the error:
"[Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Data type mismatch in criteria expression.: "

If I eliminate the clause, the query runs fine. Known bug?

Another question: this query is written against a test db. If I wish to apply the same query to a production db (same data structure), what do I have to do with the ODBC values when I migrate the query?

OyVay_error.doc (27.5 KB)