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Date conversion error



I am importing a table data from an excel sheet. The table is having two date columns. Among those for one column(date), there is date value 1/1/1900 in excel which needs to be populated into table. For that, the date value 12/31/1989 is getting loaded. Please refer the attachment for details.

Data in excel

column 1 coulmn 2 column 3
00005-3898-94 1-Jan-1900 19-Jan-2006
00005-3898-94 20-Jan-2006 31-Dec-9999

Data that is getting loaded

column 1 coulmn 2 column 3
00005-3898-94 12/31/1899 1/19/2006
00005-3898-94 1/20/2006 12/31/9999

I have overcome this by changing the date in excel to text.

But why its getting loaded like this for that year???

Thanks in advance!!