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DB2 on IBM cloud requires an SSL connection

We need to connect Toad Data Point to a Db2 service running on the IBM cloud.
The DB2 service requires an SSL connection. Any ideas on how we can enable Toad to connect via SSL to my Db2 service ?

Thank you

Once your windows client has been setup to support SSL DB2 .Net connections, you can use Toad DB2 and Toad Data Point and connect via SSL. Setting up SSL connections is an involved process, which involves installing and configuring the IBM Global Security Kit (GSKit). Once that configuration is done you can establish SSL connection to your DB2 servers. For example, in Toad you could create a 'connection string' DB2 connection and specify all the necessary syntax such as:

Hope this helps.

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Jeff, You are awesome ! This is exactly the direction I was needing.
I will dig around to find the GSkit installation and configuration information

Thank you!

Jeff, I have documented the steps to download the SSL configuration.
However, it includes URLs and the forum is not allowing my doc, ie I get 'new users are only allowed 2 URLs ?" Note, the steps are kinda useless w/ out URLs to download the GSKit etc Thoughts ?

I have attached the document from @mwilcox1 here as it is a good reference to getting SSL working. How to setup Toad for access to DB2 on the cloud 082219 CLEANSED.pdf (464.0 KB)

Thanks mwilcox1!

Thanks here is an update based on client feedback today...


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