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dbms_output on/off

This is not necessarily a new problem, but I figured I should report it again in case it can be fixed. :slight_smile:

If I am running pl/sql that has dbms_output that I want to look at, it runs fine. If I then make changes to the underlying package and re-run the pl/sql in the same window, I get the “existing state of packages error”. Then if I re-run the pl/sql, leaving the dbms_output toggled on, I do not get output. The only way to get output once I’ve gotten the “existing state of packages” error is to turn the output off and then back on again before I run my code.

It would be great if this was not the case, especially because I have been known to forget to turn it back on.



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I think you can test this in SQL*Plus and you’ll get the same resut.

Problem is package state (invalidation)…but please test. If this is persistent in core Oracle tools, then Toad has nothing with it.