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default path to send spool files


Is there a place in TOAD to set a default path to send spool files if no path is specified?


The SQL Spool file (called DEBUG.SQL by default) gets written in your Toad User Files Directory, like many of Toad’s ancillary files.

While you can find assistance in Toad’s HELP file, I find it’s often easier to look for what you need with Toad’s JumpSearch feature (in Toad versions 12.0 and above).

As an example, here’s where Toad found my spool file (snap below)…

However, I just used the Jump Search field to search for “spool” or “debug.sql” and no results come up that point to any Toad Options or config files that would allow you to specify another (e.g. user-defined) location for Toad spool files.



AFAIK, spool search, from your example, shows no answer on poster question.

I think that default spool file location is defined with:


With code:

spool where_am_i.LST
select 1 from dual;
spool off;

Result is (spool file) is under directory:
c:\Users\Q383211\AppData\Roaming\Dell\Toad for Oracle\12.10\User Files\

But changing above directory (from Toad settings) will move not only that but all files (folders) bellow.
I think that current Toad doesn’t allow to specify custom default spool directory.



Thank You!


I know this is old, but I couldn’t find the location that spool was sending a file, and it wasn’t in the default location. I’m using TOAD 11.5. The location the file got saved in was the location of the script I opened in TOAD. So, for example, I opened up script.sql from C:\myscript. When I used…

spool file.txt

…the spool file was then saved to C:\myscript\file.txt

Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.

When you aren’t running scripts from within a specified file it will be saved in the user directory mentioned above. I have confirmed this to be the case as well.